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Fall Lawn Care Services

Fall is here! Time to schedule your landscaping services. Update seasonal flowers, add fresh mulch, pruning, leaf clean up, lawn debris removal...

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As summer comes to an end, here a few things to consider to keep your lawn healthy and happy!


Pruning: Trimming shrubs and small trees will keep them healthy while helping them look their best. In some cases, pruning a bush will even encourage abundant blooms on flowering species.


Leaf Removal: The most important benefit of leaf removal is that it will help your grass grow. A thick layer of fallen leaves can deprive grass of sunlight, which gets in the way of the growth of some cool-season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, which are revitalized in the fall.

Mulch Improves Diversity and Soil Health: It protects soil organisms, like worms, insects, and soil microbes, which will help protect against pests. These soil critters work double-duty: As the soil organisms break down the mulch, it will enrich the soil.






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